Saturday, August 8, 2015

Beth And The Boys Next Door Part 1

Beth and the Boys Next Door 

Beth has always loved lots of attention from me, especially when it comes to her breasts. They are very large, 36DD, and they are a perfect tear drop shape. They have beautiful, silver dollar sized areolas, and her eraser sized nipples get rock hard when she is excited. Despite my constant encouragement, she simply will not believe how much attention she gets from other men as well. She never believed how sexy and beautiful she was, and it is that very attitude that makes her so fuckin hott. 
In addition to her perfect tits, she has gorgeous, shoulder length auburn hair, hazel eyes, and a tight, compact little body that is built for sin. She is only 5'4..., and has a powerful little physique. Just thinking of her gets me hard. She has a bit of a bubble butt, nice and heart shaped, and it jiggles oh so perfectly when she wears a thong, or better yet, no panties at all. 
She is also generous and giving, and it is that very nature that has turned her into the hottest, sluttiest, 40 year old MILF on the planet. She is humbled by any compliment she receives, and just eats it up when someone makes her feel attractive. Because of that, since we have begun experimenting with bringing other people into our sex lives, she has enjoyed it to the fullest and she always makes sure everyone else is having a great time as well. 
Our playing started out innocently enough, with me encouraging Beth to let others see her body, to wear skimpy outfits, and to enjoy the feeling of other men admiring her looks. She was always shy at first, blushing, and feeling awkward from the attention, but she learned to enjoy it, and began to make sure that her admirers knew of her appreciation. Some of our earliest games still excite me when I think back on them. 
On one memorable occasion, I took Beth out shopping to a typical Department Store. We hadn't planned anything before we left, but as we drove, I got the idea that I wanted her to be naughty. She eventually let me talk her into it, and my idea came to life. It was winter time, and Beth was wearing jeans, some sort of top, and a coat. Her coat was made of soft cloth, and it came down past her ass to about her mid-thigh. It was almost more of sweater than a coat, and it had only two buttons set very low in the front. It was the kind of coat for just a light, chilly day, which is what this day was. 
I talked Beth into removing her shirt and bra entirely and asked her to go into the store wearing her jeans and just the coat. With her hands in her coat pockets she could move her arms forward and push the coat closed enough that you could not tell she was topless underneath. However, she could also relax her arms, opening the coat in the front slightly, and if she leaned forward and held her pocketed hands back to her sides, the scooping front would hang down and open. Anyone lucky enough to be to her side would get a perfect side-view glimpse in at her hanging tits. 
Although nervous, Beth agreed, and off into the store we went. Prior to this, Beth had flashed truckers, but she had never played in a public setting like this. Beth went in ahead of me and I followed a few minutes later. I found her in house wares looking around at various items. She was still keeping her coat tightly closed up. Upon seeing I was in the area, she began to relax, and I could tell she was ready to play. 
I walked around a bit and found a guy shopping by himself on an adjacent aisle. I went back and motioned for Beth to head over that way. With me and the guy on the aisle, Beth entered. This aisle had magazines and books on it, and Beth took up a spot a few feet to the right of the guy (who, in the years since, we have referred to as the guy in red..., since he was wearing a red jacket). I was positioned on the other side of the guy, off to his left. 
The guy in red seemed like an average guy average height and weight, average looks. We guessed he was in his early 50's, slightly graying at the temples, a few wrinkles, and you couldn't miss his large, handlebar mustache, which he played with a lot. We were hoping he would appreciate what was about to occur. He didn't look like he would look down upon her, thinking he was too good for her, and he didn't look like he would react with disgust either. We figured he was a perfect candidate to play along, and we were right. We now know it's a day he will never forget, one that he would appreciate, and one that he made equally enjoyable for us as well. 
I watched out of the corner of my eye and could tell Beth was bending and looking down at a magazine on the bottom of the shelving. Within a few seconds I could see the guy's body literally jerk as he turned and got a glimpse he immediately began repositioning himself, trying to get a better angle. After about ten seconds or so, Beth stood back up, covering herself, and thumbed through the mag. After realizing the guy was practically panting hoping and waiting for another view, realizing that just that brief peek had him hooked and that he was hers she adjusted and slowly leaned back forward again. 
I could see all this from the other side of the guy, and from my angle, I could see Beth's entire right tit pop out into plain view her very hard nipple providing that perfect emphasis on her beautiful flesh. She looked so hott that I wanted to fuck her right there, and I'm sure her new friend felt the same way. Beth was a good little girl this time, and she stood that way a good minute or two, letting his eyes take in every inch of her bare tit, and making me prouder than ever. 
For the next hour or so Beth walked around the surrounding aisles, this guy following her, staring directly into her top, enjoying her tits from several different vantage points. From time to time another admirer got a glimpse, but none were as bold as the guy in red. He was obviously loving the show, as was I, from a distance, and he wasn't afraid to make that clear. Several times as she was leaning way over, her massive tit hanging down in full view, she would shuffle her feet around, shifting, making sure the milky white globe would swing heavily, swaying, her nipples getting harder and harder as they brushed across the fabric of her wide open coat. 
I loved every second of it, as did she, as was evidenced by her sopping wet pussy when we got back in the car. It was her turn now, to hear me tell her what a slut she was, to tell her how the guy's face looked as he watched her, and to remind her that his cock was probably already in his hand, shooting cum high into the air as he drove home. I fingered her as we drove around and talked about how much fun it had been, about how much fun it would be to do it all again, and about other fantasies and dares we wanted to experience. We had no doubt then, and to this day we have no doubt, that he spent that day, and probably several others, jacking off and thinking of my Beth. I was a bit surprised but happy to find just how much that thought made her wet and horny and anxious for more. 
A year or two later, at the time the events I am now about to share occurred, we had played in that same manner several times. Beth had never, however, to this point in time, done anything more than expose herself to strangers. There had been no physical contact, and with the exception of a few occasions, no words were even shared between her and her lucky admirers. Well, that all was about to change, as well were our lives from that point forward. 
As I stated, I loved to see Beth dress sexy around other men. I loved to see how they reacted to her, and I loved to see the sultry, sex kitten within her come out and up to the surface. A couple of the guys whom I had seen Beth do some heavy flirting with were our neighbors. We lived sort of out in the country in a heavily wooded area, and next to us lived a family of four. Their house was to the right of ours, and to the left and behind us there were only trees. We were pretty friendly with the parents next door, and on more than one occasion we had gotten together for BBQ's and things like that. 
I had much more contact, and much more fun with the two boys living next door, however, and the time I spent with them helped contribute to Beth's true coming out to the world of swinging. 
I am tall and have played basketball all my life. One of the things I did most often with our neighbors was shooting hoops. We had a large paved driveway with a goal at one end, and I spent many hours outside enjoying the weather and burning energy playing ball. 
The dad next door, about 10 years older than I, did not really play much. However, his two boys did, and almost anytime I was out shooting, they would come over and join me. The two boys, now young men, were in their early twenties at this time. The oldest, James, worked construction and attending college off and on. Tony, the younger by two years, was enrolled in school full-time. 
During many of our driveway battles, Beth would find an excuse to wander outside, checking the mail, watering flowers, bringing us something to drink, or just saying hello, and somehow, it seemed she was never dressed as a proper wife should be. On warm days she would usually wear a bikini top and jean shorts, other days a short, low-cut sundress, made of thin, nearly sheer fabric, or on others she might wear a tight fitting t-shirt with no bra, her big tits jiggling with every step and move she made. 
The boys loved it, and they were always engaging and friendly, never hiding their appreciation of her assets. Of course, that is exactly what Beth was hoping for. 
On this particular Saturday morning, the boys and I had just finished our third game of 21, and we were drenched in sweat, pretty tired and very thirsty. We decided we were going to go inside, cool off and play some games in our game room. The room was pretty nice, with four big leather recliners, a pool table, darts, a small card table, and of course a big screen with a video game system hooked up. 
As we started to enter the house through the garage Beth appeared and blocked us from entering. She informed us there was no way we were coming in the house all dripping in sweat, our clothes soaked, and sitting on our nice furniture. I asked what she expected us to do. Use the outdoor shower by the pool, splash off real quick, and then come in,... she said. 
I had used that shower many times, but I knew the boys never had. Beth insisted, and so we all headed around the side of the house, through the wooden gate and into the backyard. Beth emerged from the sliding glass door about the time we reached the shower area. Our shower was blocked off on two sides by a tall, wooden, fence-like wall, and it was open to the side that faces the house. This allowed privacy from anyone not in the house or standing just outside the sliding glass door, which was nice when we got out of the pool and wanted to get naked and rinse off before heading inside. 
Beth stood there holding three towels. She was wearing a fairly tight, white t-shirt with some small logo on it, and her usual little blue jean shorts. She just looked at me. What am I supposed to put on?..., I asked. Just wrap the towel around yourself when you are clean and once the clothes I have in the dryer get done you can throw on something out of there.... 
So you expect me to get naked out here in front of all of you?... She told me to quit being such a baby and that my nasty, sweaty ass was not coming in her house like that. Nasty?..., I said. The boys laughed. And in that moment I ran over, picked her up, and held her in my arms, getting my sweat all over her. Now I'm all gross!..., she yelled, squirming and giggling as she did. I'll fix that,... I told her, and I took two steps to my right and dropped her in the pool. She started to protest just as I flung her out of my arms, but it was too late. 
She made a big splash and popped right back up, gasping for air. You're gonna pay for that on mister!... she said. Me and the boys enjoyed a good laugh at that one, high fiving each other. The laughter ended abruptly, however, when Beth climbed out of the pool. She was facing right towards us, and her soaking t-shirt made her hard nipples, and heaving breasts completely visible. There was dead silence as we three looked on, taking in every inch of her. I knew she was loving it too. She paused for a few seconds, allowing us to enjoy her body, her breasts heaving up and down as she breathed heavily, and then she grabbed a towel out of the three she had dropped. 
Beth dried herself briefly, then she wrapped the towel over her clothes. What are y'all staring at?... she blurted. The boys and I looked at each other, chuckled a bit, and I said, Well, if you'd wear a bra once in a while, we wouldn't have had anything to be looking at, now would we?... The boys both laughed, and Beth couldn't help but giggle as well, reaching out and punching me in the arm. Then, after a few seconds James added, You don't need to wear one on my account I have no complaints at all!... With that we all broke up in laughter. You guys are perverts, Beth said, and I'm old enough to be you two's mother!... James was quick with the reply, It don't matter how old you are when you look like you do Beth.... She blushed a little and thanked him, and I knew she was really enjoying the whole scene. 
With that we turned back to showering. Jump in big boy,... she told me, kicking me in the butt. I did as she instructed and started to disrobe. Beth's eyes went to straight to my half-hard cock when my shorts came down, and I saw a smile cross her lips. She didn't hide the fact that she was staring at it either, and I knew the boys must be loving the lust in her gaze. I splashed off pretty quickly, enduring her comments and hoots and hollers as I did so. As I finished I turned and looked at her. 
Well, give me a towel,... I told her. Since I had thrown her into the pool and forced her to get a towel wet when she wrapped it around herself, she told me I had to take the wet towel from her. She unwrapped it from her body and walked over to me. Her shirt was still damp, not soaking any more, but you could still easily make out her nipples though the fabric. I loved the way she looked. I guess she thought I would be upset about having to use a damp towel instead of a dry one, but it was more than worth it to once again have her standing there, her beautiful tits practically bare to us. 
As she reached me, she stretched her towel covered hand out and began drying my now very hardening cock. The boys both chuckled as I pulled back a little, startled. Let me help you with that big boy,... she said to me, giggling. Get down on your knees if you really want to help me with it,... I shot back. One of the boys howled out loud at that comment. Maybe later if you're good after the boys leave I'll take care of you,... she replied. I grinned at her, loving her sluttiness, and enjoying the motion of her hand moving the towel back and forth on my cock. She let go after a few seconds, looking down, enjoying her handy work. In one last gesture she reached out her bare hand this time, gave my erection a good squeeze and said, Now put that big thing away before you hurt someone!... The silence was almost deafening. 
She snapped us out of it. Alright next!... she exclaimed, and pushed me out of the way to finish drying myself off. Let's go mouthy,... she said, shooting a glare at James. He blushed a little, not sure of what to do. I'm not getting naked in front of everyone,... he said. Beth knew how to coax him along. Look, you sickos threw me in the pool, got me soaking wet, and I might as well be standing her butt naked in front of you. Do you hear me whining or see me trying to run and hide? No, you don't! Now, if you want to hit the game room, you gotta hit that shower first. Don't tell me the big construction worker is really just some kind of pussy?!... she shot back at him. 
That last comment definitely got to him, because he immediately began to strip. Beth looked at me, grinning widely, loving the control and the power she was feeling. James stripped to his boxers and stepped into the shower stall. He paused and looked down at Beth's still visible nipples and grinned. Beth reached up and cupped her tits in her hands, hiding them from his gaze. Their eyes met and she was grinning back at him. Drop ‘em!... she told him. Lucky hands,... he said, gesturing towards her. She giggled, loving his comment, and gave her tits a firm squeeze. 
With that we all laughed again. Realizing she was not relenting, James turned his back to her and dropped his boxers. Beth must have been able to sense that he was a bit uneasy, which was understandable in the circumstances, so she didn't push it or tease him any further. He quickly splashed off, keeping his back to us. He reached behind him as he finished motioning towards Beth with his hand. She threw him a towel, and he wrapped it around his waist. As he exited, he shook the remaining water off his shoulders and arms, splashing it towards Beth. 
She looked down as the drops splashed onto her t-shirt. I don't think that is going to do much it's still wet from earlier,... she said. Pausing as he passed her, just off to her side, James stared down at her tits intently, her nipples poking out through the damp fabric. He slowly brought his eyes back up to meet hers, she was smiling, I just wanted to be sure it stays that way I like you all wet,... he said. Oh, don't worry, she replied, I'm completely soaked!... 
We all laughed, hoping she meant what we thought she did. Before I could think of something smart to say, however, she blurted NEXT!..., and glared over at Tony. I never thought you'd ask,... he replied. I knew that Beth secretly like Tony much more than James. Although James was taller, and she likes a man with height, Tony had the broad shoulders and thick build that she loves, and he was better looking in her eyes as well. As Tony moved forward towards the shower I could see her eyes moving with him, not missing a thing, seeming to glow with anticipation. 
When Tony reached the shower he faced us and began to undress. As her removed his shirt Beth groaned a bit. Nice chest,... she said. Tony thanked her, maintaining eye contact, except for the occasional glance down at her heaving tits. When he removed his shorts he had on what appeared to be biker shorts underneath. They were a tight spandex type material, long to his knees, and very tight. I knew Beth was enjoying how he looked, especially since it appeared something large was stuffed down one of the legs of the shorts. The black material made it difficult to tell for sure. 
Tony paused. He was looking at Beth, staring down at those beautifully exposed and rock hard nipples. Just as earlier, she moved her hands up and cupped them. Tony smiled and we all chuckled. Same rule applies to you as to James. If you stay covered up, I stay covered up!... she said, as she gave them yet another firm squeeze. Tony smiled wider and said, Well hell, the last thing I want is you covered up plus I ain't quite as shy as my big brother.... 
With that, Tony grabbed the waistline of his underwear and in one, swift motion, he pulled them to the floor. As he did, before we could even be amazed at the sight before our eyes, a loud thwap... echoed around the pool area. That sound, which caught us all off guard, but no one more than Beth, was the sound of Tony's massive cock popping out of his underwear and springing back and upward, literally slapping against his taught stomach. I don't know how long it was, but it seemed like forever before Beth even took a breath, let alone spoke a single word. 
With his cock bouncing before him like a sign post, Tony stood proudly, loving the look on Beth's bewildered face. Finally, the shocked silence was broken as Beth uttered a bewildered and drawn out, DAAAAAMN!... We all erupted in laughter again, and that helped break the tension of the moment. Beth just stared in disbelief as Tony began to wash off, never turning away, making sure his rock hard cock was in full view, bouncing and swaying as he turned from side to side. 
Beth looked at me, practically drooling. I sure wasn't expecting to see something like that when I woke up today!... again, her light attitude keeping the mood low key. What am I, chopped liver?... I exclaimed, pulling my towel aside, thrusting my hips and making my own hard cock bounce before her. She laughed, as did we all. Not at all, you're all I need, but Tony's a freak! Do you actually have a girlfriend that can handle that thing?... she asked. We all laughed some more. 
It just looks scary,... he reassured her. When a guy knows how to use it, it is basically no different than being with anyone else.... Easy for you to say you don't have to try and walk around after having something like that rammed up in you!... Beth blurted. We all erupted in laughter again. And look, the damn thing isn't going down a bit,... she exclaimed. We all laughed again. Well as long as you are standing around in a wet t-shirt, looking hotter than any girl I have ever been with in my life, it is going to stay that way,... Tony said. 
With that, Beth looked down at her shirt. It was still somewhat damp, but it had certainly dried quite a bit since when she first got out of the pool. Still looks wet to me!... she asserted. Now all this time, while each of us where showering, Beth had never been more than a few feet from the shower. And that is where she stood now, almost within arms reach from where Tony and his big cock were getting rinsed off. 
Let's just touch it up a bit,... Tony said, just as he turned the shower head at Beth, angling it up, and soaking the front of her from head to toe. Beth jumped back, soaked, reeling from the shock of the water hitting her. We all laughed hysterically once again. As she tried to shake the water off of her, she said, Damn, I might as well be naked too. I'm so damn soaked these clothes are basically useless.... We all agreed wholeheartedly and in unison, razing her, whopping it up. We teased her about being the one who was chicken shit and that she had already seen us and so on. Basically everything she said to us earlier, we threw it all back in her face. 
Things finally quieted down for a minute and I took a moment to take the whole scene in. There she was, my 40 year old wife of 20 years, in her back yard, completely drenched from head to toe, with her breasts and nipples clearly visible to all of us. We had been staring at her, talking shit to her about her body, about her rock hard and clearly visible nipples, for at least a half an hour now. 
Here she has three men, one twenty four year old, wrapped only in a towel. One twenty two year old, stark naked, a few feet in front of her, washing himself slowly and sporting the biggest erection she had ever laid eyes on. Also there is her husband of twenty years, partially clad, his own cock pushed out the front of his towel, in his hand, as he squeezes it and watches her every move. 
It was quite a scene, and it was getting hotter by the moment. I knew Beth was too, I could see that she was caught between wanting things to take the next step yet feeling apprehensive. James' awkwardness was no doubt affecting the mood, but even without that, the scene was still exciting yet uncomfortable, as it was not something anyone of us had anticipated or were prepared for. It was just unfolding, and we were all just trying to hang on for the ride, wherever that may lead. 
We were all sort of snapped back into the moment when Tony turned the shower off. There he stood, muscular and shimmering from the water, his very thick cock still jutting a solid nine inches out from his body. Well, what's it going to be?... he asked Beth, clearly beginning to feel more confident with each pressing moment. Beth looked at him, unable to remove her eyes from his body and cock. What do you mean?... she asked coyly. Are you getting naked too, or what?... he asked, reaching down and trying unsuccessfully to hide his cock with his hands. Cause if you stay covered up, I stay covered up!... 
With that, I literally fell down laughing. We all chuckled a good few minutes, Beth included. She came back to reality though, looking back down at his manhood, I don't think you're gonna be able to hide that monster,... she insisted. He looked down, grinned back up at her, and instead of trying to block her view he took it in his hands both his hands stacked one on top of the other firmly taking his massive cock in his hands, and the wide, angry cockhead was still exposed from his grip. 
Beth couldn't take her eyes off what she was seeing. Oh my god,... she gasped, That is fucking unreal!... She was staring in awe, her tits heaved up and down as her breathing hastened. They stood only a foot or two apart for what seemed forever. Expecting that they would have never moved had I not, I spoke and broke the heavy silence ...Tell you what, let's make it fair. You just jump in the shower like we did honey, and then everyone will be even.... 
I could tell she was thinking about it, mulling it over, and then Tony moved a bit closer to her, his massive cock just inches from her. He leaned down close to hear, his breath near her ear and on her neck, Come one baby, look what you're doing to us,... he looked down, and let go of his cock. He flexed it, making it jump up a good six inches, angrily pointing right at Beth. Let us appreciate you just a little more we both know you want to.... It was the first time he talked to her like a piece of ass instead of like his nice, older neighbor. She liked it, and so did I. 
She turned to me and said, OK,... a huge grin moving across her beautiful, flushed face. As she started to step in the shower Tony turned sideways to let her pass by. But his massive erection stuck out too far, blocking her path through the narrow passageway. She paused and looked him in the eyes. I'm not touching it anymore,... he said. If it's in your way, you handle it however you want to baby.... Beth nervously looked back at me. Seeing me grinning at her, my hand on my cock, pretty much let her know she was free to do as she chose. A glance over at James revealed the same thing, as he stared intently at Beth, his chest moving up and down as he breathed heavily, the movement of his hand under his towel clearly apparent. 
Beth turned back to Tony and smiled. She glanced down, reached out a trembling hand and took his thick cock into her grasp. She lifted it, seeming to be afraid to touch it for more than just a second. As she moved her body past his, her massive tits lightly brushing his chest as she did so. As she cleared him she slowly let his member slide from her grip, sliding her palm along the underside of his length, cupping the massive purple head as she pulled away. 
Looking down, she could see a small puddle of precum that had accumulated in her open palm, a mixture of white and clear fluid, thick and pulsing, as her hand trembled with the rush of the moment. As he started to walk away he watched her, smiling, enjoying his effect on this married woman before him. She turned away from us, and whether it bore out of her embarrassment or out of her desire to tease us, she swiftly moved the fluid to her mouth and tasted him, clearly licking his seed from her palm with her wide tongue not once, but in two deliberate motions. We knew what she did, but by turning away she kept the moment only for her, and she savored it as if she wanted it more than anything else in the world. 
Once in the shower stall Beth wasted no time. No doubt on fire with excitement from the activities, Beth shed her top quickly, and her shorts followed in short order. To the enjoyment of the boys, and to my shock and delight as well, Beth revealed a pussy that was clean shaven, not a hair to be seen at all. She looked amazing as she flashed into nudity right before us, the body of a 20 year old, controlled by the experienced mind and soul of a woman that both knows how to use it, and how to let is be used. Both boys howled in delight, clapping as she came into full view. 
Beth stood up proud, her shoulders back, her massive 36DD's bouncing in clear view, no wet fabric to distort their perfect beauty. Her taught stomach led to her visible love box, the pouting lips smiling at us, swollen with her wetness, burning with anticipation for someone to caress and kiss them, just as they most certainly deserved. I had never been more proud, nor more turned on, and I knew my two counterparts were enjoying the festivities as much as I was. 
As Beth began to wash she stayed facing us, rubbing her soapy hands over her heaving tits, bending, letting them swing. She lifted her legs, giving us a clear view of her pussy as she did, and with each of these movements she was rewarded with the hoots and rantings of her three fans. When she turned, however, and bent at the waist, facing away from us, the patio grew silent. 
She reached around and washed her perfect ass, trailing a finger or two along her crack, down to her pussy, parting the lips ever so slightly as she masterfully teased us while making her beautiful playground of a body squeaky clean. When Beth turned back around, wondering because of the silence if we might have all left, she was met with a sight for which her eyes had yearned for many years. 
All three of us, staring intently upon my lovely wife, were sitting, facing her, in patio chairs, with our towels dropped to the ground. We were each stroking our own rock hard erections, and we got that way simply because of her. Beth loved the scene taking us in, wondering who might be closest to shooting thick white streams of cum into the air in her honor. Because the scene was so overwhelming, she almost didn't notice James. 
Once she did, her heart skipped a beat, and her throbbing pussy was hit with yet another wave of warmth and wetness that she had never known. James, to her surprise, sported a cock that rivaled his brothers, while perhaps not in length, but most certainly in width. 
His hand, feverishly stroking it now, could not even close around it, and the head looked so large that she wondered how it would even fit in her tight, little pussy. 
That's right, she caught herself, but she knew she was past the point of no return. She wanted to fuck them, she wanted to fuck them all, and she knew it was something she had to let herself do. She walked towards the three of us. 
Looks like you all are having fun!... she exclaimed. We just grinned, continuing our stroking. James, why the hell were you acting so shy? Your cock is beautiful. You should never be ashamed to show that to anyone, and certainly not to me,... she told him. He smiled at her, and she couldn't take her eyes off of it. It appeared to be as thick as his arm, and he was working it at a feverish pace. He just stared at her, looking her up and down, soaking in her beauty as he pleasured himself in front of her, just for her to enjoy. 
Baby?... I called to her. You know that promise you made me earlier?... I asked. She nodded, moving towards me. Get the fuck over here or you are gonna miss your chance. You don't want to start breaking promises to your husband do you?... She moved quickly down in front of me, on her knees. You don't think it will offend the boys, do you?... she asked smirking, looking over at them, eyeing them stroking their own huge cocks. 
With that I stood before her..I was very close. She leaned forward, flicking her tongue out at the end of my cock. I looked over at the boys, what the fuck are you waiting for?... I asked them. They quickly got up, came over, and we had her surrounded. Three big cocks, all being stroked inches from her face, in broad daylight, and it was all she had ever hoped it would be. 
She turned toward James, now mesmerized by the cock he had kept hidden from her earlier. She leaned towards him, about to try and take it in her little mouth when Tony grunted loudly. She turned back just in time as the first stream of cum caught her on her left cheek. She quickly opened her mouth, catching the next thick stream on her chin. Before the next glob could be wasted, she lunged forward, taking his massive tool in her mouth and hands, and she proceeded to milk at least seven or eight blasts of his sweet semen down her throat. 
While trying to catch her breath, I announced it was my turn and I immediately began blasting her from the front. Seeing her covered in Tony's cum, still sucking his massive cock and tasting all he could give her, was more than I could take. I aimed down at her tits, trying to give her time to release Tony's tool and turn to me. I covered her beautiful breasts with three thick streams of milky white juice before she took me in her mouth and expertly drained what little offering I had left for her.
It was then that she let me go and turned back towards the toy she most wanted to play with. By hiding it from her earlier, James had made her want it more than anything, especially now that she finally got a look at it. (We found out later that had been his plan all along, wanting to make sure and not scare her off but build up the anticipation instead). 
When she finally laid her hands on it, she was in heaven. She looked up at him, cum running down her face and tits, smiling from ear to ear, wanting him to see how much she was enjoying touching him. Before she could try and take him in her waiting mouth, he blasted her with the biggest stream of cum I had ever seen. It hit her directly on her cheek, and the stream ran down to her knees before it snapped. She looked down in awe as the second stream nearly took her eye out. 
Being the cum lover she is, Beth lurched forward, trying to take his massive cock in her mouth, not wanting to miss another drop. She succeeded in the second, her open mouth catching the salty fluid she savors so lovingly, but her hopes of being able to feel James' manhood in her velvety mouth would not come to be. The force of his loads, combined with his cock's shear girth prevented her from reaching her goal, at least at that moment, and left her only longing for more. She used both hands to continue working on James, his thick cock never growing limp in her grasp. She had her tongue out, catching all his load as it dribbled out, smiling up at all three of us, the pure lust clearly visible in her eyes. 
As we all caught our breath, trying to recover from the emotions and physical pleasure we had just endured, Tony began to approach Beth with ideas of more fun in mind. She stopped him, however, and backed away. My cum covered with of 20 years, standing nude before us, taking massive drops of white semen in her fingers and feeding it to herself, was taking full control of the situation. 
As we watched her, again growing aroused. She announced her plans ...You gentlemen owe me. I figure I just assisted in the culmination of three wonderful, and tasty I might add, if you can each give me at least that many over the rest of the day, we will call it even.... We all grinned at her. You all go inside the game room and relax, and catch your breath. I am going to jump back in the shower, and when I join you in a few minutes, I want you to fuck me like you have never fucked a woman in your lives.... Our grins grew even wider. I want to be your whore, and I want to be drenched in your cum from head to toe. I want to be so exhausted tomorrow that all I can do is lay in bed all day, touching my tender pussy, remembering the pleasures of tonight!... 
With that she turned and walked back to the outdoor shower. We each looked at each other, wrapped our towels back around our waists and headed inside to wait for Beth to join us. 

But that is a story better kept for part 2. 

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